Thursday, 9 January 2014

19 Facts About Me! XP

1. My name is Karen (yes way)
2. I love all kinds of animals
3. The hulk
4. I luv Minecraft
5. My last name is really easy to pronounce (kwok)
6. I come from China and the U.S.
7. I have never lived in Fujian and I cannot speak...Fujianese
8. I have only lived in Shanghai, China. New York, America. Singapore, Singapore
9. In my life I have had at least 100 goldfish (they come and go...)
10.I have also had A chicken; three ducks; one dog; four cats; 20 hamsters.
11. Christmas Is My Fav Holiday
12. I hate socks, yes I know why
13. My favourite color is Blue
14. My fav thing to eat is pizza
15. My fav drink is ginger ale
16. I hate the color pink
17. I hate drinking something I never drank (duh)
18. My favorite type of dog is maltese
19. My favourite type of cat is selkirk rex

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