Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Purple Frisbee

When I was in 2nd grade, in my old school in p.e, we had this game where we split the class into two teams, and one team will run through the other team while the other throws frisbees and soft balls at them, made of rubber and foam. The aim was to hit people to get them out and find out which team lasted the longest. My team threw first and it looked fun. But then, it was our turn. When the sharp sound of a whistle hung in the air, our team collided at the starting point and didn't move. I was in the back of the jumble when out of nowhere, a purple frisbee flashed before my eyes. I felt pain and tears started running down (I was in grade 2 people!). My sight was blurry and I couldn't see a thing but I could hear everyone shouting at once. My p.e teacher came up to me and said "At least you're not blinded." I felt more hurt that he didn't care. I could've been blind MISTER!!! The teacher just set me aside and continued to watch the game. When everyone was out, we still had 7 seconds to go! The other teamed lasted 54 seconds yet we only lasted for 47. He told me I had one last chance to run. Still crying, I stepped out onto the line. The whistle was blown and I was running! Time seemed to slow as I ran to the other side with success, and my team cheered me on. I was running back when in the middle, a green softball bounced off my ankle. But I was still crying! The teacher walked up to me, I thought oh no I failed! But instead he showed me his stopwatch, I saw clearly 58 seconds. A smile broke through. My team was cheering so loud but I couldn't see or hear anything. I was so proud of myself.

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